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Land of Legends

For millenia the location of "Thule" has stirred the imagination of explorers, intellectuals and poets.

Ongoing Treks

Recognized as leaders in ongoing Arctic exploration... our expedition members are deemed pioneers in this little known yet important corner at the top of our planet.


Scientists, Adventurers... if you're an avid mountaineer or trekker, and can take care of yourself in the wilderness, consider joining us on our next expedition. Group size is nine due to aircraft weight limits.

Northernmost Peak


Middle stone column of the 3 discovered on of Mara Mountain

The northernmost mountain in the world is located half a days hike west of Cape Morris Jesup.

It is only a few thousand feet high and most strong hikers would be able to reach its summit with little difficulty.

The mountain is so remote that no one climbed it until July, 1998, when a group of eight people reached its summit.

Some people now refer to the mountain as “Mara Mountain,” after Mara Boland who was the only woman in the group.

Not for Glory Seekers

Mara Boland on Mara Mountain

The route up Mara Mountain went up the eastern ridge that was covered with snow.

The summit consists of a long relatively flat ridge, marked by three distinctive 8 foot square x 16 foot high frost-riven solid rock formations that are spaced approximately 120 feet apart.

These stone columns are solid rock and are evenly spaced in a perfectly straight East-West line.

The evenness of these solid rock columns makes them appear as if they’re markers carved by an ancient race.


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