If you wish to join the Arctic Thule expedition and feel you may be qualified to participate, we would like to hear from you…

• Are you a seasoned traveler?
• Can you take care of yourself in an emergency or crisis?
• Are you comfortable in the outdoor wilderness?
• Have you been on a remote expedition before?
• Are you afraid of Polar Bears?
• Can you handle being 1000 miles from civilization?
• Are you a good sport with a sense of humour and team attitude?

The main objective of the expedition is to search for the northernmost point of land, but it need not be the only objective of every participant. The Arctic Thule expedition also offer a unique opportunity for Mountaineers, Trekkers, photographers and people who have specialized interests that is related to the High Arctic.

The whole group does not have to be together as a unit at all times. Smaller groups of two or more people may pursue their own objectives, provided it has been discussed and approved with the trip leader in advance.

The Arctic Thule expedition is an ideal quest for Ornithologists, Biologists, Geologists, Botanists, and Adventurists. You will be exploring, climbing and trekking where no one… or few have been before. If you want to experience being the farthest possible distance from civilization, then you will appreciate being with us.

Details on what’s required for the next Arctic Thule expedition

Entering the Greenland National park requires an expedition permit. A charter plane (usually stationed in Iceland) must be booked and paid several months in advance to fly the group members to Peary Land. Sometimes two expeditions will coordinate their schedules in order to share the use of the charter plane and thereby reduce the cost.

Preparation for disbursement of budget items for various arrangements are then made, such as obtaining the required permits and rescue insurance. This involves pre-planning and many long distance phone calls to Denmark and Iceland in order to finalize the arrangements. Yet the bulk of the work, consists of selecting and advising expedition members and coordinating the necessary budget funds on schedule.

If you are really serious about joining our group, ask yourself these questions:

Do you have experience trekking and camping in remote areas?
This means without other people’s physical and emotional assistance. On an expedition like this, no one in the group will take care of your daily needs unless you become injured.

Are you a good sport, who does not complain, or becomes combative?
Some people become disoriented and even paranoid when far from civilization, when things go wrong, or when they become tired, uncomfortable and frightened. It only takes one person with this weakness to destroy the quality of the adventure for the other participants.

Are you healthy and in good shape?
Thousands of miles would separate you from a doctor’s office in Peary Land. Should you experience a medical emergency it could be several days before you are evacuated. Physically, an expedition member should be able to carry a backpack, walk 12 miles per day over ice and rocky terrain, and forge various streams.

Are you willing, and do you have the time, to help organize such an expedition?
We are always looking for team members, people who have the special skills to make an expedition happen.

If you’re the type of person we’re looking for, do contact us

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