This website is devoted to documenting the Arctic Thule expedition's search for Earth's Northernmost Point of land. To learn more click the links at top of the page.

Land of Legends

For millenia the location of "Thule" has stirred the imagination of explorers, intellectuals and poets.

Ongoing Treks

Recognized as leaders in ongoing Arctic exploration... our expedition members are deemed pioneers in this little known yet important corner at the top of our planet.


Scientists, Adventurers... if you're an avid mountaineer or trekker, and can take care of yourself in the wilderness, consider joining us on our next expedition. Group size is nine due to aircraft weight limits.

Official Arctic Thule Expedition Website

Greenland (L), Arctic Thule expedition member Mara Boland


WELCOME TO THE ARCTIC THULE EXPEDITION WEBSITE… Learn about our search for Ultima Thule… to find the northernmost point of land on Earth Our quest is to solve this ancient geographic mystery and study effects of global climate changes [...]